Ismar’s Story


Ismar “Izzy” Ardon's family emigrated to Southern California from Guatemala when he was a child. He grew up in the Malibu, California homes in which his mother was employed as a domestic. At nine years old, Izzy began attending summer camps at Reggie Smith Baseball Centers. While he didn't regard himself an exceptional player, Izzy was dedicated to practice. It was clear to Reggie how much Izzy loved the game of baseball, and Reggie was impressed with how hard Izzy worked to make it in little league. Reggie mentored and trained Izzy through middle school and into high school, where he was a catcher for Malibu High School. After graduation, Izzy worked at Reggie Smith Baseball Centers as a camp counselor, nurturing youth players. Izzy decided to continue his education, earning an Associate of Arts degree from Santa Monica College. He went on to graduate with honors from UCLA, and was in the top 1% of applicants accepted into the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he earned his MBA. Along the way, Izzy never lost his passion for youth baseball. Today, he is Director of Baseball Operations for the Reggie Smith Academy. The motivation to succeed has always been strong in Izzy. All he ever needed was the opportunity to show the world what he was capable of.