We prepare student athletes for high school, higher education, and beyond

Founded in 2017, The Reggie Smith Foundation helps encourage and train players who are financially disadvantaged. We provide both academic and athletic support, laying the groundwork for future achievement.


Our Mission

The Reggie Smith Foundation was created with the idea that the principles that shape excellent students are the same that shape excellent athletes. We believe that a student's potential should not be limited by their financial resources. Our goal is to provide support to student athletes, strengthen their athletic and academic mastery, and spark a lifetime of success.

Above all else, our work is motivated by the knowledge that every student we serve is deserving of opportunity, regardless of their background. The challenges that students face should not exclude them from the chance to thrive. It is in those challenges that the strength to persevere is forged. They should be admired for their determination and provided with the opportunity to show the world what they are capable of.

The Reggie Smith Foundation is an ally for all who strive for success. We are dedicated to providing resources to student athletes both on the field and in the classroom, supporting them to and through higher education, and passing along the principles upon which all achievement is built.


Our Officers


Reggie Smith

Founder of the Reggie Smith Foundation

Reggie Smith's contribution to the game of baseball stretches far beyond his successful career as a professional player. With decades of playing, coaching, and teaching experience, Reggie started the Foundation to pass along the principles that he attributes to his own success.


Jim Robertson

President of the foundation

For over 25 years, Jim Robertson's skills for business have guided him through the formation of numerous successful companies. Having seen the lifelong impact Little League Baseball had on his own son, Jim employs his entrepreneurial spirit to work hand-in-hand with his passion for youth baseball.


Lloyd PantelL

Secretary of the Foundation

Having practiced law since 1977, Lloyd Pantell has a strong grasp on how success is built. His experience in business, real estate, and health care law give him an unprecedented understanding of legal matters, and his years as a professor reflect his desire to enrich the lives of others.


Laura Hipke

Director of Possibilities

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and artist, Laura Hipke has years of experience bringing ideas to life. She's a powerhouse of both imagination and actualization. Her ability to build connections between what may be imagined and what can be created makes her a pioneer of new opportunities.

Our Board


Reggie Smith


Dusty Baker

Fred Claire

Glenn Doshay


Rob Glushon

Steve Lapin

Tracy Nolan


Lloyd PantelL

Yasiel Puig

Jim Robertson


Jeff Zacha